Useful ideas

Practical ideas on the arrangement of a small apartment, with which you will not have to ask for advice from designers


Every time when it comes to repair, you unwittingly ask yourself a number of questions: how to arrange, how to furnish and where to squeeze everything you need in a few square meters?

After all, most of us live in such apartments, where, in fact, there is nowhere to turn around, but only this expression does not apply to fantasy. Therefore, do not rush to despair, complaining that the "Khrushchev" - not housing.

1. Simple and tasteful.

Cozy and comfortable studio.

If your apartment does not have a couple hundred square meters, do not despair. It’s enough to arm yourself with a couple of ideas spied on the Internet, or use the designer’s advice, thanks to which even a modest living space can become a cozy, modern nest in a matter of weeks:

1. It is desirable that the walls were light colors and shades;
2. Try not to litter the room with massive elements of decor and heavy furniture, this will visually reduce the space, giving it the effect of "compression";
3. Remember that the furniture you choose should be in harmony with the overall decor;
4. And most importantly, do not forget that the apartment, first of all, should be comfortable, so choose small-sized and multifunctional interior items.

Modern design ideas of a small apartment.

This option is ideal for a young couple without children.

Modern design of a small studio apartment of 30 square meters. m

Modern design of the hall in a small apartment Khrushchev.

Design a small room in an apartment in the Khrushchev Scandinavian style.

Design bedroom living room in a small apartment in Khrushchev.

Design of small rooms in the apartment - living room in Khrushchev.

2. Small kitchen

Modern design of a small kitchen.

A kitchen is a place where a person spends several hours of his life every day. Therefore, most housewives dream of being beautiful and comfortable, and everything is at hand:

1. Choose practical, compact and multifunctional cabinets;
2. The same is true of the table and chairs. Furniture should be as compact as possible, but at the same time stylish;
3. Do not be afraid to demolish small elements of decor, focusing on the little things.

Small, comfortable and stylish kitchen.

Kitchen, made in bright colors.

A small glass table is ideal for a small kitchen.

Kitchen, stylized loft style.

Small high-tech kitchen.

Small kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

Small kitchen in a classic style.

Small kitchen in minimalism style.

3. Design a small bathroom

Design a small bathroom.

For a bathroom of modest size, there are many interesting ideas that can visually expand the space:

1. Use light colors in the finish;
2. The use of lighting systems at different levels;
3. Mirrors;
4. For partitions and dividers, it is better to choose clear glass;
5. Use only the necessary storage systems.

Nontrivial ideas for the stylish design of a small bathroom.

Classic combination of colors.

Compact plumbing is ideal for a small bathroom.

Modern shower.

Having got rid of bulky furniture, you can easily place the washing machine.